Toll Production

Outsourcing to other countries for toll production is more costly than originally thought. It's a hassle that incurs losses, and can be hazardous. Communication barriers are difficult to surmount, and miscommunication is common, costly, and causes delay. Insourcing in America is safer, and capacity is less of a concern.

No matter the need; private label, paint blending, spray aerosol, products, capacity, etc., we've got you covered.



"Their Chemists and experinced Staff were our 'technical arm' and key instrument in
assisting our Chemists."

- Charles P. Bauer
Valvoline Oil



Partners Thinking Outside of the Box

Its time to get a new conversation started. TMS/WCR is an all-American company, and has been for over sixty years.



Featured Coating Products

We have products to help with conductivity. We offer Corrosion Protection, Hydrophobic, Shielding, Coatings for Containers, as well as weldable coatings and Chemical Resistant Coatings. Our Organic Zinc Rich Coatings are available in bulk and aerosol. We are flexible in our capacity. We can produce from fifty gallons to thousands of gallons. We'll adapt to your needs. We have the experience, credentials, and products to provide solutions. Find out more about our products >

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