Our products

We are a full service manufacturing facility. We create custom formulations in our labs to fit any need. We also stock pre-mixed solvents for intermediate use. And we have several products that have proven themselves in the paint and coatings market place.





2K Epoxies

Low-no VOC, HAP's free, high solids coatings desiged to be resistant to a wide variety of chemical fumes and spillage. Our interior epoxies are desiged for immersion service in highly corrosive enviroments (sulfur, caustics) at ambient and elevated temperatures.

Urac II®

This is a two component, high performance Urethane/Acrylic product line. Available in most any color and gloss range. Both Hi-Solids and Conventional Systems are available.

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WC890-Water Reducible Coatings

A water reducible product line that exhibits excellent exterior durability, salt spray resistance and fast air dry properties. It is also available in a true cross-linked bake system for a variety of OEM applications.

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Zinc Rich Coatings

A full line of organic single component and two component high performance Zinc Rich Products. Uses include a wide range of applications - i.e. transportation, marine, galvanized steel repair and general industrial maintenance.

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Signal Saver (Hydrophobic Coating)

A Hydrophobic Coating that may be applied to a satellite dish that repels water, snow and ice. This product helps to prevent signal loss.

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Powder Coatings

A wide variety of products that include conventional resin systems, such as epoxy, acrylic, polyester, TGIC, Urethane and special Hybrid Resins. Specialty powders, such as wrinkle finishes, high heat resistance, metallics, textures, etc. are available.

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Low Voc Coatings

A line of Low VOC products that are water based and HAPS free. Depending on the specific coating, a range of 100 to 1000 hours salt spray resistance is available.