Shipping Containers

In shipping, your cargo must get from A to B. Sometimes it's a long haul, and you need to avoid loss. Boxes and their contents need to be protected. You need assurance that things will arrive intact, uncontaminated, and free from leaks. Environmental friendliness is important, while keeping in compliance with regulations. Low maintenance is a must. Corrosion prevention is essential; corrosion and metal go hand in hand .

No matter the need; boxes, containers, trucks, rail, trailers, sea containers, tankers, barges, containers, packaging, barrels, drums, bins, etc., we've got you covered. If you're interested in paper or corrugated containers, go here >



"When we set out to cheoose a company to manufacture our product, we were looking for a "Parnter" in business."

- Steve Murray
Terrazzo & Marble Supply


Going Green

Shipping containers and drums need moisture and salt air protection. We can provide that. We've been safeguarding the interests of industry for over sixty years. We have Hydrophobic and Corrosion Protection coatings to help with maintenance. We offer Coatings, Shielding, Coatings for Containers, Chemical Resistant Coatings, and weldable coatings. Organic Zinc Rich Coatings are available in bulk and aerosol.



Featured Coating Products

Our High Solids 2K Epoxies are available in low VOC, low HAPS or HAPS free and are designed to be resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and spillage.

The WC890-Water Reducible Coatings line exhibits excellent exterior durability, salt spray resistance and fast air dry properties. It is also available in a true cross-linked bake system for a variety of OEM applications. We offer low VOC Coatings that are water based and HAPS free. Depending on the specific coating, a range of 100 to 1000 hours salt spray resistance is available. Find out more about our products >

We have the experience, credentials, and products to provide the solutions you need to ensure your cargo arrives intact.