Rail Industry

In the rail industry your equipment is constantly outside, exposed to the elements. Corrosion prevention is essential as metal and corrosion go hand in hand in such an environment. You need low maintenance. You don't need surprises.

No matter the equipment; rails, rail cars, hopper, boxcar, tank car, tankers, switches, private cars, vintage cars etc., we've got you covered.



"They made a HAPS-Free prodct that enabled us to continue production and avoid EPA fines at a critical time."

- Jim Molnar
Union Tank Car



Customized Coatings for the Rail Industry

Stability and security are a must to keep things running according to schedule. In an old industry, you want someone with experience. TMS/WCR has been providing solutions to beat the elements for over sixty years.



Featured Coating Products

We can help with maintenance. We offer Corrosion Protection, Hydrophobic, Chemical Resistant, as well as weldable coatings. Coating for Containers is also available. The WC890-Water Reducible Coatings line exhibits excellent exterior durability, salt spray resistance and fast air dry properties. It is also available in a true cross-linked bake system for a variety of OEM applications. We offer a full line of organic single component and two component high performance Zinc Rich Products. Applications include transportation, marine, galvanized steel repair, and general industrial maintenance. Find out more about our products >

Whatever your need we have the experience, credentials, and products to provide solutions you can depend on.