Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs)

As an OEM supplier to a major company, you know its a team effort to integrate products and processes. You must depend on your development partners to manage the details. It's easy to get trapped in too much multitasking. Sometimes it doesn't work out.

No matter the need; doors, windows, flooring, mailboxes, dumpsters, material handing equipment, metal parts, compactors, forklifts, garage doors, service doors, etc., we've got you covered.



"We make it right the first
time, and get it right from
start to finish."

- Bill Richards, President
WC Richards


Coating Small Metal Parts with the Dip Spin

A reliable partner allows you to do what you do best. Their lines of communication are always open, with a scale of production to meet your needs. We are committed to our partners. We answer your calls like a friend, not with voicemail. We'll bring over sixty years of experience as a dedicated American company to your team.



Featured Coating Products

We can help you with maintenance and power generation. We have hydrophobic, shielding, corrosion protection, and chemical resistant coatings. We have weldable coatings, as well as Coatings for Containers, and a range of products for corrosion prevention. Our Organic Zinc Rich Coatings are available in bulk and aerosol. Our WC890-Water Reducible Coatings line exhibits excellent exterior durability, salt spray resistance, and fast air dry properties. It is also available in a true cross-linked bake system for a variety of OEM applications. Find out more about our products >

TMS/WCR has the credentials and products to provide you with solutions. We'll help you keep your clients happy.