Heavy Industry

In heavy industry, you have to meet big demands on an epic scale. Its important to keep going, to never let up, and to maintain a high capacity. Efficiency is at a premium. Low maintenance is a must. Your machinery requires the very best protective and water proofing coatings. Material cost must be kept down, and volume discounts are always helpful for a bottom line.

No matter the need; assemble trays, assembly line, truck, axles, bolts, safety, cranes, scaffolds, compactors, dumpster, gondolas, etc., we've got you covered.



"We know that we can always count on WCR for innovative thinking and to deliver quality products for us."

- Jim Molnar
Union Tank Car




Going Green

We can fit into your assembly line, and help boost efficiency. Our capacity of scale can adjust to your requirements.



Featured Coating Products

We have coatings to address all manner of specialized needs: corrosion protection, chemical resistance, hydrophobic applications, coatings for containers, and weldable coatings are all available. Our Organic Rich Zinc Coatings are available in bulk and aerosol. We have a wide variety of products that include conventional resin systems, such as epoxy, acrylic, polyester, TGIC, Urethane and special Hybrid Resins. Specialty powders, such as wrinkle finishes, high heat resistance, metallic textures are part of our product line. Find out more about our products >

TMS/WCR has been solving the problems of industry for over sixty years, addressing the needs of clients like Mesto Minerals, Naylor Pipe Company, Useco Cranes, and Oil Service.

Whatever your need, we have the experience to help you succeed.