Farm Equipment

Farming is a tough job requiring commitment and hard work. Your equipment works as hard as you do. It spends long days running in the field. It's exposed to the elements and plagued by moisture. Your machines must perform day after day, and it takes its toll. Corrosion and metal go hand in hand. Wear is a problem. Expensive equipment often requires expensive maintenance.

No matter the need; tractors, plows, feeders, hoppers, silos, combines, harvesters, driers, storage, fences, we've got you covered.

Our products perform and last, and are designed to protect your investment against wear and tear. We've been helping keep our customers machinery up and running for over sixty years



"When we need a more cost - effective and durable exterior paint. WCR stepped up not once but three times."

- Jim Molnar
Union Tank Car

Going Green

We have worked hard to engineer a variety of products to help meet any need, including maintenance, power generation, and corrosion protection. Our hydrophobic, shielding, and chemical resistant coatings can be adapted for any environment.



Featured Coating Products

The WC-890 Water Reducible Coatings line exhibits excellent exterior durability, salt spray resistance and fast air dry properties. It is also available in a true cross-linked bake system for a variety of OEM applications. We have a full line of organic single and two component high performance Zinc Rich Products, available in bulk or aerosol, which can be employed for transportation and marine uses. These also excel in galvanized steel repair and general industrial maintenance applications.Find out more about our products >

At WC Richards Paint and Coatings we have the experience and credentials to provide the products for the solutions you need.