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Our Laboratory has become a recognized and proven industry leader in developing solutions for the toughest coating needs and requirements. Our “Pharmacy” like approach provides filling unique coating prescriptions for our customers.Over the last sixty years we have built many lasting relationships.

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“The Technical group of Valvoline Oil Inc. TECTYL Coatings and Coated Products, was extremely satisfied with the high level of Technical expertise provided by the W.C. Richards Company. Their Chemists and experienced Staff were our “technical arm” and key instrument in assisting our Chemists in developing and improving Tectyl Rust Preventative Coatings which are still being used today. These coating were used for both Domestic and International Markets. The development and manufacturing of Valvoline's Tectyl "Lead Free" Coatings was a huge success. The process and experience Valvoline Oil staff had in using W.C. Richards Company is one that would be highly recommended."

Charles P. Bauer
Technical Manager / Valvoline Oil, Inc.


Union Tank Car (UTLX)

“I am very pleased to attest to the invaluable service the W.C. Richards Company has provided for Union Tank Car on many of our Paint and Coatings projects. Let me recount just a few”:

- While WCR provided toll-production for our interior coatings for many years, their research team developed new formulations to comply with the various newer and more stringent air quality regulations.
- When we needed a more cost- effective and durable exterior paint, WCR stepped up not once but three times: First, they provided a paint that outlasted other alternatives and for less cost; secondly, they made a HAPS-free product that enabled us to continue production and avoid EPA fines at a critical time; third, they developed a faster-cure option for us that made it possible to paint our tank cars in unheated shops - and not compromise the paint’s performance or integrity.
- When our customers required special colors or other unique properties (such as non-stick), WCR would quickly respond with new formulations and samples that worked, often in just days.
- WCR developed some clever aerosol solutions for us, particularly with their one-component field patch paints, and fluorescent marking for our hand brake chains. This got us out of several jams - elegantly & economically.

“We know that we can always count on WCR for innovative thinking and to deliver quality products for us.”

Jim Molnar
Manager - Coatings R & D
Union Tank Car Company


Foam Ex

"I cannot say enough about the technical expertise at W.C. Richards Company. We were facing a demanding and unique product that required extensive testing with rigorous R & D. The new product was extremely unusual with new properties & characteristics needed that were unprecedented at the time. Needed were three unique elements to be developed:

1) A specialized Conductive Carbon Coating that hadn’t existed;
2) A coating that would adhere and not come off our foam through the customer’s operation; and
3) A coating that allowed the foam to be completely metal plated and make a finished product for Nickel Cadmium Batteries. This unbelievable project became possible only because of the efforts and abilities of the W.C. Richards Company."

- Marc Albero
- Director of Business Development, FXI Foamex Innovations


T&M Testimonial

“When we set out to choose a company to manufacture our product, we were looking for a “Partner” in business, someone we could have good unity with as if their operations were our own. Our selection process was dependent upon 5 critical and very simple needs:

1) They must have a tradition of dependability we can rely on;
2) Produce the quality and consistency in our products every time;
3) Always have on-time delivery-even with our many last minute orders;
4) Maintain inventory on our finished goods until needed to ship, and
5) Always be easy to work with from the front office to the shipping docks!

With these selection criteria, we found only one company that got passing grades every time…The W.C. Richards Company. Thank You”

Steve Murray
Sr. Vice President, T & M Division
Terrazzo & Marble Company