- 1930's -

The W.C. Richards Company began as a simple metal shop with a one man paint department. Our small business was born of an entrepreneurial spirit in an era when resources were scarce, and times were very lean. Our intimate knowledge of materials and surfacing, and hands on development style allowed us to excel. Our determination, commitment, and work ethic created a stable foundation for our business, and we grew. With necessity being the mother of invention we evolved over time into the company we are today.

- 1940's -

When the United States was drawn into World War II, the W.C. Richards Company pitched in. We assisted a Chicago area defense contractor in the development of products to support our troops. Later in the decade, we were recycling before recycling was popular. We devised a process which would collect the sludge from left over paint, filter it, then reconstituted it again into viable paint. Seeing opportunity in re-using waste long before other industries.

- 1950's -

The W.C. Richards Company incorporated in 1953. We quickly became a valuable research and development paint provider for the boomingauto industry. We developed a unique and cost effective assembly line advancement, producing a corrosion resistant primer for the inside of car doors. Many of our innovations have become factory standards, and are in cars today.

- 1960's -

As America was growing more environmentally aware, W.C. Richards became one of the first paint and coating companies to be fully Rule 66 compliant. We helped to pioneer some of the earliest known green products in the Paint & Coatings Industry.

- 1970's -

Our most popular and well known products was developed during this time era, our anti corrosion zinc primers. Our research and development lab was one of the first to develop this anti-corrosion primer into a long lasting shelf life aerosol spray, still widely used and sold today. It is likely responsible for putting W.C. Richards company on the map of today’s coatings Industry.


- 1980's -

During the electronic revolution we created one of the earliest known coatings to make plastic conductive. We were instrumental in the development of a unique EMI/RFI coating to be used and utilized in personal electronics made for computers, calculators, and hand-held games. With the electronic explosion in this era, we helped participate in thedevelopment of the first successful Nickel Cadmium batteries-known for having a longer life.

- 1990's - At the beginning of the telecom era, we formulated an EMI/RFI shield coatings for cell phones, proving our commitment to emerging markets.

- 2000's -

We continually provided unique innovations in the Coatings Industry. As technology evolves and continual unseen challenges arise, the W.C. Richards Company will continue to pioneer and develop new methods to ensure our customers success.